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2024.3.15 - 24
RYOSOKU Art Program 
Meditation Corridor #3



Michaël Borremans The Kuchinashi (2), 2014

We are pleased to announce the opening of Meditation Corridor #3, an exhibition of work created during the RYOSOKU program. It has been ten years since Belgian artist Michaël Borremans, who was in residence at Ryosokuin Temple in 2013, exhibited a series of sumi-e paintings—The Kuchinashi—in the temple's tea rooms, Suigetsu-tei and Rinchi-tei.  


The RYOSOKU project was established in 2018 by Toryo Ito, deputy priest of Ryosokuin Temple and Kayo Tokuda, curator of WATER AND ART, who met at a Michael Borremans exhibition. Kayo curated the Borremans show of 2013–14 at the Ryosoku-in Temple. The program has an aim of providing a place to enrich wisdom and compassion and to offer a learning experience to sharpen the intellect and sensibilities of children.  


RYOSOKU has held exhibitions—titled Meditation Corridor—of artworks created during the residencies. It has hosted Hong Kong–based artist Samson Young and Japanese photographer Nao Tsuda. 




Yojo Curing

In addition to developing art programs that nourish the heart and mind, we have also been experimenting with food programs that nourish the body, such as “Raku-ji (to enjoy tea)’’ and “Temple Diner,'' inspired by Zen Master Eisai’s (1141–1215) tea book Kissa Yojoki which positions tea drinking as a kind of healthcare.  


Toraya’s confectionery artisan will be preparing hoju-shaped sweet-bean manju. Hoju is related to guardian king Bishamonten, who is said to appear during the "year of the tiger, the day of the tiger, and the time of the tiger.” Toraya’s artisan will also create highly nutritious walnut, sesame, and apricot yokan during the exhibition. For five days during the exhibition period, please enjoy artisan-made confectionery in our special event Yojo Curing.


(left)Hoju Manju,(right)Yojo Yokan


Zazen and Incense

We held zazen on each occasion of the RYOSOKU food and art program. For those who practice zazen or meditation at home or while traveling, we are finally unveiling a portable brass incense holder that we have been developing for ten years with Kaikado, the tea caddy manufacturer. It will be sold in a limited edition of five at the exhibition venue during the exhibition period.


                   Kaikado “Brass incense holder of Today” ¥44,000(estimated price)





RYOSOKU Art Program “Meditation Corridor #3 

On view    March 15—24, 2024

Hours        1pm—4pm (last entry by 3:30pm)Open everyday during the exhibition period

Venue        Ryosoku-in Temple (591 Komatsu, Higashi-ku, Kyoto)

           Google Map  

Capacity    30 persons/every 30 min.  

Admission  ¥2,000  

Cooperation  Gallery Koyanagi, Kyoto University of the Arts, Odawara Art Foundation, Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film

Planning    RYOSOKU


*Please purchase a timed reservation ticket in advance on the website.  

*We cannot accept changes or cancellations for your convenience after a reservation has been made.



■Works to be exhibited

Michaël Borremans, The Kuchinashi (1), 2014

          The Kuchinashi (2), 2014

Nao Tsuda, REBORN #1 (Ryoshin), 2022

Samson Young, From "Close Reading" held in 2020

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Fusuma sliding door, 2021

                          Kakejiku hanging scroll, 2021

■Related Events

“Yojo Curing - Hoju and Yojo”

Period        March 16 - 20, 2024

Hours        1:00pm - 3:30pm / Entry every 30 min.

*Sweets vary depending on the time. Please select when purchasing.


Venue        Main hall, Ryosokuin Temple

Special Cooperation    TORAYA

Capacity of 40 persons per day

Participation Fee (a choice of manju or yokan/tea/admission fee)    ¥4,500


*Please purchase a time reservation ticket in advance on our website



RYOSOKU Members Only Event “Zazen and Art”

Date and Time        March 23, 2024, 4:30pm-6pm

Venue            Daishoin Study Room, Ryosokuin Temple

Capacity of 28 persons

Participation Fee (incl. admission fee)    ¥3,800


*Please purchase a reservation in advance on our website.

*For more information on RYOSOKU membership, please visit here









Michaël Borremans(b.1963-, Belgium)

In the 1990s, Borremans began showing his works in group exhibitions. In 2010, he was commissioned by the Belgian Royal Family to create an installation consisting of paintings in a room of the Brussels Royal Family.  

In Residence 2013 and exhibited in 2014   



Samson Young(b.1979-, Hong Kong)

Working across a variety of disciplines including sound, performance, video, and installation. He received his PhD. in composition from Princeton University in 2013. Hong Kong representative at the 57th Venice Biennale (2017). Sigg Prize (2020).  

In Residence 2019 and exhibited in 2020


Nao Tsuda(b.1976-, Japan)

Tsuda has traveled the world and continues to translate through his viewfinder the ancient and enduring relationship between people and nature. Since 2001, he has been active in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad.  

Exhibited in 2023


*During the exhibition, fusuma sliding door and kakejiku hanging scroll in study hall is Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Every day is a stormy day".

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